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Opal Rings

The spectacular radiance of an opal ring makes it immensely popular for wedding and engagement rings. Moreover, all the October babies are the rightful wearers of an opal birthstone ring. Whether you want a 14k gold opal ring or an Ethiopian opal and diamond ring, Rosen Jewels has a fascinating collection for you.

Our artisans are focused on fine detailing to create unique opal ring designs for women. By constantly working on innovative designs, we aim to cater to the preferences of women inclined toward the latest fashion trends. Our opal diamond engagement rings can truly mark the union between two souls madly in love with one another.

Benefits of Ethiopian Opal Rings

People are always attracted to Ethiopian opal rings for sale because they protect the wearer from negativity. It is believed that opal rings can awaken spirituality in the wearer and bestow them with universal awareness. As the stone possesses the ability to pick up the wearer’s thoughts, emotions, and desires, it can make an individual more self-aware.

A white opal wedding ring set can increase love, romance, and prosperity in a relationship. It holds the potential to improve one’s metabolism and re-energize the entire body. Opal rings are also perfect for people with neuro instability because the stone can balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

An Ethiopian opal wedding ring can protect the female reproductive system. Opal is also useful for women experiencing menopause. Moreover, it can help purify the blood and enable the body to retain more water.

An Ethiopian opal engagement ring is also useful for boosting memory power and can improve the hair, skin, nails, and eyes. Opal rings can also help cure migraine and headache. Apart from making you look stylish, an opal dainty ring can also help calm your nerves.

A Few Tips for Improving the Durability of Your Opal Rings

If you want your bezel-set opal engagement ring to last for a long time, you should remember the following tips:

  • Clean Gently: You don’t need any fancy cleaners to take care of your opal rings. Use a mild detergent to wash off dirt and impurities from your opal ring. Use a soft cloth to wipe it off, but do it without being too harsh. You should also avoid bleach, chemicals, and harsh cleansers for cleaning your opal rings.

  • Don’t Immerse Your Opal in Water for a Long Time: Opals contain a small amount of water in their chemical composition. So getting them wet isn’t an issue. But a doublet or triplet should be kept away from water as much as possible. While a little splash of wash is fine, immersing the ring in water for too long can damage it.

  • Store It the Right Way: You should wrap your gem in a soft protective cloth and dampen the cloth before long-term storage. While safes and lockboxes have high security, they are airless and have low humidity. That’s why you should store opals inside a damp cloth.

  • Keep Your Opals Away from Heat: You must keep your opals away from heat sources like high-power lights. Opals cannot withstand high temperatures. Under extreme temperatures, opals can expand and crack after a certain period.


  1. Is an opal expensive?

    Whether an opal is expensive or not will depend on its type.

  2. Why do people wear opal rings?

    People prefer wearing opal rings to achieve peace and satisfaction in life. A real opal ring can open the wearer’s spiritual third eye.

  3. Which finger do you wear an opal ring on?

    One should wear a natural opal ring on the ring finger of their right hand.

  4. How to clean an opal ring?

    You can clean your opal band ring using mild water and gentle detergent. Clean the dirt and impurities on your opal ring using a soft cloth or toothbrush. Avoid using bleach, cleansers, or chemicals to prevent damage to your precious opal ring.

  5. What is an opal ring?

    An Ethiopian opal ring comes with a display of rainbow colors and an opalescent effect. The fascinating play of colors in an opal ring makes it elegant and alluring. Sometimes an opal ring also contains other stones and metals. For instance, you can get an opal ring with diamond or a rose gold opal ring.

  6. How to choose an opal ring?

    Before choosing an opal ring, you must check its color. They are available in different shades of orange and warm yellow. You should also check the clarity, cut, and carat. If you are buying an Ethiopian opal gold ring, you must choose the type of gold you want. For instance, you can buy a yellow gold opal ring or an opal ring in white gold.

  7. How much does an opal ring cost?

    The price of opal rings online can vary significantly. The price range can start from $50 and go as high as $5000. Therefore, you have a huge variety of choices when buying opal rings.

  8. How to care for an opal ring?

    You can care for your opal vintage ring by avoiding exposing it to sudden temperature changes. Moreover, you should not spray colognes, perfumes, or hair sprays on your opal wedding ring to prevent damage to it.

  9. What are the different types of opals used in rings?

    The different types of opals used in rings include black or dark opal, white or light opal, boulder opal, matrix opal, and more.

  10. Are opal rings suitable for everyday wear?

    Opal rings are usually not suitable for everyday wear.

  11. What is the meaning behind opal rings?

    An opal engagement ring is usually associated with romantic feelings. Modern-day opal wedding rings are symbolic of love, prophecy, and creativity.

  12. What are some popular designs for opal rings?

    Some popular designs for opal rings include a marquise cut opal ring, a cushion cut opal ring, an opal solitaire ring, and opal halo engagement rings.

  13. Where can I buy authentic opal rings?

    Rosec Jewels is your ultimate destination for purchasing an authentic opal ring for women or men.