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Polki Jewelry

If you fancy a blend of royal and traditional aesthetics, Polki Jewelry isn’t something to miss out on! It’s flashy, flamboyant, and a favorite for lending that conventional Indian touch. The magical part is- the more you see our Polki Diamond Jewelry in the many eye-striking styles we handcraft it in, the more you’ll fall for it. So, without further ado, let’s get you acquainted with our collection:

But firstly, What is Polki Jewelry?

In the simplest terms, Real Polki Jewelry features Diamonds in their most untreated form. (Untreated to an extent that they are not even faceted, polished, or cut) These Diamonds are fondly referred to as ‘Polki.’ Having said that, let’s shed more light on the aesthetics it brings to the table:

Our Polki Gold Jewelry caters to a sense of style that is all about old-world charm (and the bling). It features intricate designs (rooted in Indian heritage) that have been brought to life by weeks of heavy handwork. While the Polki Diamonds lend it a surreal natural glow, the ornamentation of Gemstones on top complements it with eye-pleasing color contrast.

Thanks to its (mostly) showy and vintage aesthetic, Polki Jewelry has established itself as a go-to choice of Bridal jewelry over the years.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a Polki Jewelry online? Let the array of options we have for you make the job easier:

Our Vintage Collection of Polki Jewelry

Polki Necklace

  • Classic Uncut Diamond Necklace

    This is hands down the most simple Rough Diamond Jewelry that you’ll get to witness (which is also a rare sight). It is embedded with Raw Diamonds all over, often complemented by a Halo. So, if you fancy an elegant cum statement-making piece, you won’t find a better pick!

  • Polki Choker Necklace

    Just like the name suggests, a Choker Style Polki Diamond Necklace sits tightly around the neck. Here, the Polki Diamonds are incorporated in statement-making designs that feature floral or other ornate handwork patterns (often beautified by the color splash of gemstones). A Handy tip: You can flaunt it the best by wearing it with low-cut tops (V cut for instance)

  • Polki Jadau Necklace

    Jadau is the Indian art of encrusting several colored stones and Polki Diamonds intricately in a tight-knit pattern to make it look like a piece of art. The resulting designs are often inspired by nature. This necklace style of Polki Jadau Jewelry has long been favored by Indian Brides who fancy maximal and elaborate aesthetics. (if that sounds like you, look no further!)

Polki Earrings

  • Polki Stud Earrings

    One of the most classic yet versatile styles of Polki Diamond Earrings out there, a Stud goes directly through the earlobe. Here is the appealing part- it could be a Simple Solitaire Stud with a Centerpiece of Polki Diamond taking all the limelight (complemented by a glorious Halo) or be an intricately designed Polki Stud giving off a perfect old-world feel. Or these Raw Diamond Earrings could be even more eye-catching with Polki Diamonds accentuating Multiple Colorful gemstones.

  • Polki Jhumka Earrings

    Exuding the traditional Indian aesthetic, Polki Jhumka Earrings are characterized by a bell-shaped drop design. This style incorporates Polki Diamonds beautified by colorful gemstones, often set together in floral or other antique designs. We’d label it as the go-to accessory of every Indian girl. If you fall for edgy and culture-rooted Uncut Diamond Jewelry, you won’t look past Polki Jhumkas.

  • Polki Dangler Earrings

    You’d have guessed it by the name by now that Polki Dangler Earrings hang below the earlobe in a long, dangling pattern. They are enhanced with Polki Diamonds and colored stones in an ornate dropping pattern. This Polki Necklace style oozes a graceful cum showy aesthetic that is something women find most appealing. 

  • Polki Jewelry Set

    If you like the look (and feel) of coordinating Uncut Diamond jewelry, a Polki Necklace Set with matching earrings is your way forward.


  1. Are Polki diamonds worth anything?

    Polki Diamonds are Diamonds in their most raw form. They are untouched by any form of chemical or physical treatment. What’s more, Real Polki Jewelry is one of the most conventional, vintage, and oldest forms of Jewelry around in modern-day. So, to no surprise, it is rich in Indian heritage and in turn, carries that sense of emotional value along. It is considered a valuable family heirloom that is passed down through generations. 

    Therefore, Polki Diamonds are undoubtedly worthy and favored by those who like them for their rich history.

  2. Can Polki be worn every day?

    Polki Diamonds, being Diamonds, are quite durable. But since they are uncut and as a result possess a rough surface, they are more (comparatively) more prone to chipping. But that should not be a point of worry if you know how to take care of your Polki Jewelry right. 

    For starters, make sure to clean it with a mild soapy solution of lukewarm water. Apart from that, keep it as away from harmful chemicals as you can. Follow these quick tips and your Uncut Diamond Jewelry will be good to be worn every day.

  3. Is Polki jewelry a good investment?

    Polki Jewelry, being a Rough Diamond Jewelry, is any day a pocket-friendly choice. And beyond that, it appeals to the enthusiasts of traditional Indian jewelry. With its intricate vintage designs and the use of raw diamonds, it carries a unique charm and emotional value. Thanks to all that, it is considered a valuable asset today.

  4. Is Polki better than Kundan?

    Both Polki and Kundan Jewelry are favored for their unique conventional beauty. However, they possess some noteworthy differences. The choice of better one would ultimately boil down to your preferences.

    Polki Jewelry is crafted with uncut Diamonds that are set in the base using traditional jewelry-making techniques. That lends this Raw Diamond Jewelry a slightly rough texture. Typically, they are more expensive than Kundan jewelry.

    Kundan Jewelry, on the other hand, is crafted from glass stones that are often secured by a gold foil. Apart from that, it is much less expensive than Polki Jewelry. 

    Coming back to your question, if you talk in terms of demand, Polki is better. That’s because it is much more lustrous and valuable since it carries more diamond and gold content.

  5. What is the Polki diamond called in English?

    Polki Diamonds is an Indian term that translates to uncut diamonds in English.

  6. Do Polki Diamonds sparkle?

    Polki Diamonds do carry a natural, unique, and untouched sparkle of their own. But in case you compare your Uncut Diamond Jewelry to those that have been artificially cut and polished (to achieve that ‘sparkle’)., the sparkle won’t be as brilliant.

  7. How old are Polki diamonds?

    The practice of incorporating raw diamonds in traditional jewelry-making is not a new one in India. It dates back centuries ago. Back in the 16th century, the Mughals brought and popularized this craft in India. The royal charm of Polki Gold Jewelry would tell that it enjoyed its significant place in courts of nobility for centuries.