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About Dangle Earrings

If you’re always going gaga over the new trends in earrings, we bet you would’ve heard this name! Dangle Earrings, just like the name suggests, refer to the earrings that dangle from left to right just below the earlobe. More precisely, these swing below the earlobe! That’s what makes these earrings so attractive to wear for women. There’s something about earrings that swing forth and back so gracefully, can surely lift your spirits and make you feel more confident. That’s the entire point of earrings! No doubt dangle earrings for women are so popular today! The alluring embellishment of colored gemstones, diamond as well as pearl by our artisans adds charm to Dangle Earrings. Dangle earrings, whether thin threader like for a lightweight dainty look or loud for a more evident and fancy fashion statement, look just as elegant yet so distinctive! See how versatile! Dangle earrings diamond make for a more sophisticated, sparkling and royal fashion statement since diamond is without any doubt everyone’s favorite while if you want to look a little more vibrant and vivid, gemstone Dangle earrings are the right choice and dangle earrings with pearl appear the most royal out of the lot. We make alluring, unique and fashionable pieces just for you!

You know what adds to the versatility of Dangle Earrings? Without a shred of doubt, your metal choice. Everything that dangles can surely be of gold! Since gold metal can change the entire game, Dangle earrings white gold look just decent to be worn on daily basis, yellow gold metal adds a tint of luster and glamour, just right for a little dusky skin tones and not to mention the ability of Dangle earrings rose gold to look pretty on any woman. Having said all that, Dangle earrings can surely make you feel youthful at one moment, royal the other! Let’s take a sneak peak:

Dangle Earrings Designs: What would you pick?

We know how when it comes to earrings, we’re always excited to try something new! And we’re not going to disappoint you. Take a look:

Dangle Bar Earrings:

The sleek, posh and graceful fashion of Bar earrings that dangle below the earlobe can surely be paired up with the prettiest of your dresses and classiest of your attires. Dangle earrings gold with a vertical bar look chic and classy.

Teardrop Dangle Earrings:

The loud and evident statement of Teardrop Dangle Earrings can not be considered any less royal! Tell us those pear shape heavy, fancy and long dangles don’t melt your heart. Perfect to be worn to fancy occasions like wedding. What’s more elite than say an emerald embellished Dangle Earrings?

Geometric Dangle Earrings:

The geometric shape of earrings specially triangle dangle earrings make for a chic, modish and trendy fashion statement, perfect to be paired up with your formal attires to be worn to work or to match with your cute dresses as well. Classy in all!

Multi Gemstone Dangle Earrings:

If you’re someone who prefers living in colors, we bet a multi colored gemstone embellished dangle earrings would do the job for you! Look Vibrant, vivid and lively just with a pair of Dangle earrings.

Floral Dangle Earrings:

Flowers are every woman’s favorite and when combined with dangle earrings, it looks a little more graceful! Every once in a whole everyone gets a feminine urge to make an exotic floral fashion statement. That’s what rises the popularity of dangle earrings for women.

Heart Dangle Earrings:

Heart shape earrings that dangle, making it more evident. Since heart shape jewelry is an emotion and makes for such an amazing gift, we bet you won’t be able to look past heart dangle earrings, whether open heart or colored heart.

Cross Dangle Earrings:

Cross symbol has become the new fashion in earrings and when combined in the trendiest of earrings of all times ‘Dangle Earrings,’ these just look all the more stylish, classy and contemporary!

Moon Dangle Earrings:

The charm of moon is something else, bright, gorgeous and shiny always! That makes moon dangle earrings a unique pick for women.

Vintage Dangle Earrings:

Donning a pair of vintage dangle earrings can surely make you go back in time and relive the timeless era! Just right to be worn to any fancy occasion.

Combine it with other earring styles

Dangle Drop Earrings:

Confused between Dangle and drop? Why not combine these two every woman’s favorite styles! The feminine grace of these both combined is such that it looks elegant, graceful and dignified, all at once! Dangle Earrings hooks make for a comfortable, posh and modish statement.

Dangle Hoop Earrings:

The timeless class and fuller look of Hoops combined with Dangle earrings, perfect to add definition and look just as stunning on any face cut.


  1. What do dangle earrings symbolize?

    Dangle earrings have long been associated with balance. Justifies its appearance, right? Not too much, nor too less. But the perfect blend or balance of these two. The name dangle itself has been derived because of its back and forth movement. These look powerful and stylish, both at once.

  2. Are dangle earrings heavy?

    Our collection of dangle earrings is quite comfortable to wear and its carat weight ranges between 0.01 to 2 CT. These are not too heavy and you can wear these on a daily basis as well.

  3. Are Drop and Dangle Earrings same?

    Both hang below the earlobe but the key difference is that while drop earrings don’t move as much, dangle earrings dangle or swing back and forth below the earlobe. That’s makes them differ in their appearances as well.

  4. What are the different gemstone shapes in dangle earrings?

    The gemstone embellishment in dangle earrings is what changes the entire game! Embellished with intricately cut gemstones ranging from a classic round cut, princess cut, oval cut to more elaborate pear, marquise and heart cut, the range of Dangle earrings in our collection is quite versatile. And all just as stunning in their own sweet way!

  5. When can you wear Dangle Earrings?

    For a minimalist and sleek work look, you can wear Bar dangle earrings, to make a more elaborate and vintage fashion statement, you can wear Teardrop Dangle earrings, perfect to be worn to weddings. You can also pair floral dangle earrings with your prettiest of dresses or can even gift heart dangle earrings to your loved one.