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About Pink Tourmaline Necklace

Pink Tourmaline can be the most vivacious addition to your jewelry collection. Wide range of pink hue can be seen in pink tourmaline, from soft pink to vibrant pink, from bright pink to hot pink. Its bright tone sets it apart from Pink Sapphire which is recognized for its blossomy hue.

Pink Tourmaline Necklace can be one of the most bewitching and heart melting jewelry to own. We have got this very attractive pink hued gemstone in wide range of pendant necklaces from classic heart shape to trendy butterfly, from forever love infinity motif to versatile flower designs. There is something for all kinds of woman. All you need to is to make your choice and sit back and relax for your jewelry to reach to you.

Pink Tourmaline Buying Guide

    • Color: To judge the color of Pink Tourmaline one needs to see how intense and vivid the color saturation is. Because the more saturated tourmaline will be more valuable and higher in price it is.

Also to know its strength of color, check it under artificial light. If its color appears bright and vibrant under different lights and from different angles, then the stone is of higher quality.

  • Clarity:  Pink Tourmaline come with eye visible inclusions. some receive the irradiation treatment which cannot be detected. But its color compensates for its inclusions therefore, you can buy the Pink Tourmaline Stone whichever shines brightest with less visible inclusions.
  • Cut: Go for a well cut tourmaline which is symmetrical rather than asymmetrical. Nicely placed facets will reflect light in a better way than bulged pavilion.
  • Carat: Pink Tourmaline are very difficult to find in large sizes. Thus more carat weight and large size will cost you more.


  1. How to tell if it is real Pink Tourmaline?

    While keeping it under bright artificial light it should reveal brownish undertone. If it doesn’t do that, it is not authentic.

  2. What is the cost of Pink Tourmaline ?

    Its price depends upon its quality. It can cost you somewhere $300 to $600 per carat.

  3. What is the significance of wearing Pink Tourmaline Necklace?

    It is a stone of femininity, love and positivity. Like its color, it can brighten up your life by bringing a sense of calmness and pushing away stress.

  4. Who can wear Pink Tourmaline Necklace ?

    As it is a birthstone of October. Hence, October borns,people with Libra Zodiac Sign can wear Pink Tourmaline Necklace and Pink Tourmaline Jewelry. It is also ideal to be gifted on 8th Wedding Anniversary.

  5. Which chakra is associated with Pink Tourmaline ?

    Pink Tourmaline works on the heart chakra by opening your doors to unconditional love.