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Emerald Rings

The evergreen elegance of the Emerald Rings is a sight to behold! More so when it is effortlessly captured by our handcrafted designs, ranging from the most understated to more ornate pieces. Take a look, and you’ll find yourself turning heads!

What is Emerald Ring?

Globally prized as one of the four wondrous precious gemstones, the Emerald commemorates the month of May. It belongs to the Beryl family of minerals. Its vibrant color (which is the very reason for the worldwide appeal of Emerald Rings for Women) ranges from bluish-green to pure, lush green.

But did you know? Natural Emerald Rings go much beyond aesthetics to speak to their wearers. Let’s discuss:

What does Emerald Ring symbolize?

Since ancient times, the Emerald has been considered a gemstone of love, loyalty, balance, and friendship. Popping the question with an Emerald Engagement Ring is believed to reflect the intent of a happy and blessed marriage. Its nature resembling a hue would tell you that it is also a renowned symbol of new beginnings, growth, and renewal. Thanks to that, an Emerald Green Ring is often associated with calmness and serenity.

Now that you’re well versed about the manifold astrological ties that Emerald holds, we bet you’re even more excited to buy Emerald Rings online. And living up to your expectations is the unique fusion of classic, vintage, and contemporary Emerald sparklers that we have in store for you!

Our Handcrafted Selection of 14K Gold Emerald Rings

  • Emerald Solitaire Ring

    An Emerald Solitaire Ring is prominently defined by the Centerpiece of an Emerald (6 MM or more in size) that single-handedly takes all the attention. In case you’re looking to buy Emerald Engagement Rings that ooze a classic cum conventional vibe, nothing compares to this ring style. The shape of the Emerald Solitaire here offers you great versatility. It ranges from a Classic Round Emerald Ring to fancier ones like Princess, Pear, or Oval Emerald Solitaire Ring. On the other hand, for a hint of a vintage vibe, an Asscher, Emerald, or Cushion Cut Emerald Ring works best.

  • Emerald Halo Ring

    Under a Halo Style, the vibrant center stone of Emerald is decorated with a shimmering parade of diamond/moissanite all around. If you wish to bestow a hint of visual appeal to your Solitaire, an Emerald Ring with Diamond Halo is your best bet. Interestingly, a flashy Halo also makes your Emerald appear larger. This Unique Emerald Ring works as an interesting, edgy, and stylish alternative to the Classic Solitaire Style.

  • Three Stone Emerald Ring

    Bold and exotic, this ring style is adorned with three stones of Emerald that are uniformly arranged in a row. For a vibrant appeal, the trio could be formed entirely by the lush green stones of Emerald. While for a slight color contrast (and sparkly) appeal, the center stone of the Emerald can be adorned with Diamonds on either side (which is a great pick if you’re on the lookout for an extraordinary Diamond Emerald Ring). It might appear unconventional but its symbolism speaks makes it a beautiful emblem of love to commemorate all romantic occasions. It reflects upon the unique journey of the couple’s togetherness with each of the three stones symbolizing the past, present, and future of the couple. 

  • Emerald Eternity Ring

    Studded with gorgeous green Emeralds in an unbroken pattern all over the circular band, an Emerald Eternity Ring is the most classic cum romantic choice of accessory. What’s more, this Emerald Band Ring is super easy to stack with your favorite sparklers. While Round and Oval Emerald rings are the clear go-to choice in this style, Marquise, Pear, or Princess Cut Emerald Rings have also emerged as a great pick for women who like to keep it fancy. Besides that, it makes for a meaningful token of love to celebrate romantic relationships since the unending circle of Emeralds signifies eternal love.

  • Emerald Wedding Band

    An Emerald Wedding Band is adorned with an endless row of identically-sized Emeralds. But what sets it apart is the many options of aesthetics that it offers the wearer. It could be as understated as a Classic Emerald Band Ring that is meant to be worn along with the Engagement Ring. Or it could be flaunted all alone when adorned with designer, vintage, floral detailing as well as a sparkling halo of Diamond/Moissanite.

  • Vintage Style Emerald Rings

    In An Antique Emerald Ring, the lively appeal of Emerald is complemented by the old-world charm of iconic designs from the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. In a broader context, it incorporates intricate filigree and milgrain work as well as artistic abstract patterns. If you fancy Natural Emerald Rings in antique style, you’ll find this collection nothing less than a wearable work of art. 

  • Emerald Promise Ring

    Versatile yet dainty, an Emerald Promise Ring isn’t particularly defined by a specific style. It ranges from an Emerald Solitaire Ring (not more than 4 MM in size) that oozes a classic vibe. And goes ahead to exude an extravagant appeal by featuring three stone styles, floral, infinity, or nature-inspired motifs, and sparkling accents of Diamond/Moissanite. Just like the name suggests, an Emerald Promise Ring is exchanged as a romantic gesture to signify the promise of lifelong commitment.

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Adding to the aesthetic appeal of our designs, we have a distinctive array of options in metal tones for you. An Emerald Ring in white gold impresses with its understated appeal. While the one in yellow gold offers you a unique blend of convention and luxury. A Rose Gold Emerald Ring, on the other hand, has become a trendy choice for its feminine and unique aesthetic.


  1. Is an Emerald ring costly or a Diamond?

    If we speak generally, Diamond Rings tend to be costlier than Real Emerald Rings.

    But then again, it also depends on the quality grade of the particular stone. For instance, Diamonds that fetch a lower color/clarity grade can cost much less than Emeralds that are considered high quality. 

  2. How can you tell if an Emerald is real?

    First things first, always make it a point to invest in a Certified Emerald Ring to be assured of its authenticity. 

    Apart from that, telling a Real Emerald Ring apart from its fake counterpart requires you to abide by the following tried and trusted measures:

    • By now, you must be aware that a Genuine Emerald exudes a blue-green or lush green hue. If you find your Emerald showcasing any other undertone (yellow or brown being the most common ones), you might be looking at an imitation.

    • Emerald is one of the very few gemstones that is home to many eye-visible inclusions. So, the simplest method to check its authenticity is by observing your gemstone with a magnifying glass (preferably at an oblique angle). If you cannot spot some flaws easily, then unfortunately, it could be a fake Emerald.

    • Another trusted measure to verify the genuineness of your Emerald is observing its fire (i.e., the kaleidoscopic flashes of color a gemstone exudes when subjected to light). Unlike other gemstones, Emeralds are not known to reflect any fire, which is why if you see your gemstone exuding under bright light, it is most likely a fake one.

    • Real Emerald Rings for Women tend to be a lot more expensive than their imitations. So, think twice before spending on cheap emerald jewelry since it carries the potential risk of being an imitation.

  3. Which day is best to wear an emerald ring?

    Thanks to this gemstone’s associations with Planet Mercury, it is astrologically recommended to wear a Natural Emerald Ring on Wednesdays.

  4. Do emeralds glow under black light?

    To put it in the simplest terms, some Emeralds glow under black light while others don’t. That’s because the fluorescence of an emerald, or any gemstone, is determined by its chemical composition and the presence of certain trace elements. Some Natural emeralds contain trace amounts of chromium or vanadium, which can cause them to fluoresce a bright red or pink under UV or black light. However, not all emeralds contain these elements and therefore may not exhibit any fluorescence.

  5. What is the most beautiful emerald?

    The most eye-appealing Real Emerald Rings are vivid green in color.

  6. Can you shower with emerald? 

    Even if you own a Certified Emerald Ring, it is never recommended to hop in the shower wearing it since the chemicals in soaps and shampoos can cause its color to fade. 

    Also, in case you’re wondering how to clean Emerald Ring, it is always recommended to make use of a mild soapy solution and keep it submerged in water for not more than 10-15 minutes.

  7. Do Emeralds hold their value?


    If you buy Emerald Rings online, make sure you’re getting your hands on a high-quality one since they are most likely to hold their value.