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Pink Tourmaline Earrings | Pink Tourmaline Necklaces

Pink Tourmaline Engagement Rings

If she likes all things feminine and romantic, you won’t find a better token of love than our Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring. Moreover, when handcrafted in a mix of classic, contemporary, and vintage designs that emphasize the beauty of this pink gemstone, you’re sure to find the perfect proposal ring for your pretty lady. Let’s have a look:

What does the Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring mean?

Before we familiarize ourselves with the meaningful symbolism that a Natural Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring beholds, let’s get to know this pretty pink gemstone a little more:

Belonging to the semi-precious family of gemstones, Pink Tourmaline commemorates the month of October. It is hued in the most romantic shades of Pink, which range from peachy to an intense, reddish pink. 

But the romantic appeal of our Unique Pink Tourmaline Engagement Rings isn’t confined to appearance. Let the symbolism that they carry convince you of that:

Asking for her hand in marriage with a Pink Tourmaline Ring insinuates unconditional love, compassion, care, and commitment. Apart from that, Pink Tourmaline is also revered for its emotional healing powers and feminine energy.

Everything said and done, let’s explore our handcrafted selection of Pink Tourmaline and Gold Engagement Rings that are too good to miss out on:

Our Selection of Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring Styles

  • Pink Tourmaline Solitaire Ring

    Easily the go-to ring style for the classic bride-to-be, this Solitaire Ring is defined by a Centerpiece of Pink Tourmaline that stands all alone (preferably mounted in a Simple Setting). The feminine appeal of Pink Tourmaline here is meant to catch the most attention owing to its enormous size of 6 MM or more. While the minimalist and timeless aesthetic of this engagement ring sets it apart, its versatility (thanks to the many shapes it is fashioned with) deserves just as many praises. While a Round Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring speaks to conventional couples, the one fashioned with Pear, Marquise, or Pear Cut is more on the fancier side of the spectrum. If you’re the kind of bride-to-be who fancies a grand and slightly Vintage Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring, go for the one handcrafted with Asscher, Cushion, or Emerald Cut.

  • Pink Tourmaline Halo Ring

    Lending the Classic Solitaire Style more visual appeal, Halo encircles the Centerpiece of Pink Tourmaline with a shimmering row of petite Diamond/Moissanite. As a result, the Pink Tourmaline not only oozes more personality, but its delicate beauty is emphasized since the Halo gives off the illusion of a larger size. Owing to its romantic hue and enhanced brilliance, it makes for one of the most Unique Pink Tourmaline Engagement Rings out there!

  • Vintage Pink Tourmaline Ring

    Crafted with heavy metalwork and ornate detailing, a Vintage-inspired Ring brings iconic designs from the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras to life while complementing the romantic appeal of Pink Tourmaline. These age-old designs ooze an old-world feel with abstract geometric patterns and old-world floral motifs, as well as intricately ornamented filigree and milgrain engravings. What’s more, it appears to have been passed on for generations, making it a perfect alternative to Pink Tourmaline Heirloom Engagement Ring.

  • Pink Tourmaline Celtic Ring

    A standout among the many vintage rings you might come across, a Celtic Knot Ring beautifies the Centerpiece of Pink Tourmaline with endless knot work patterns that are inspired by Celtic Art and Culture. Besides their old-school appeal, Celtic Knots speak to couples by commemorating the idea of eternal love. In case you wish to add to the romantic appeal of this style, you could go for a Pink Tourmaline Custom Engagement Ring that has been imbibed with a meaningful message, the couple’s initials, etc.


  1. Is Pink Tourmaline good for an engagement ring?

    Long story short, yes! Why? Since when embedded in an engagement ring, this October Birthstone speaks to your precious one with its aesthetic appeal as well as emotional significance. Speaking of its alluring aesthetic, Pink Tourmaline speaks to the unconventional, feminine, and romantic bride with its bright pink hue. Besides that, true to its romantic hue, a Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring epitomizes unconditional love, compassion, and care. 

  2. Can you wear a Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring every day?

    Pink Tourmaline strikes an above-par hardness rating of 7-7.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which implies that it can withstand the wear and tear of regular use without much hassle. So, whether you own a ring as old as a Pink Tourmaline Estate Engagement Ring or a brand new one, you can wear it every day if you’re mindful of the recommended care and maintenance tips.

  3. Who should wear a pink tourmaline engagement ring?

    This October Birthstone Engagement Ring is considered a great fit for those native to the Zodiac sign of Libra.