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About Hoop Earrings

Do you think anything can ever even come close to the timelessness of Hoop earrings? Hoop earrings have become a trend religiously donned by people today! We sure cannot deny that Hoop Earrings can add a definition and completeness to the look. Whether looking for a chic look or a classy work look, Hoop Earrings sure know how to add glamour to each one of your looks. Such is the versatility of Hoop Earrings for women that you can team them up with a casual top or a pretty dress. Talking of versatility, whether you combine them with your open long locks or make a high pony tail, Hoop earrings can make for a stylish fashion statement. Who doesn’t like studding their ears with giant or even small hoops? You know the best part? These are worn with great fondness by women of every age group, looking just as precious.

In fact, Hoop earrings is strengthening its roots such that today half hoop earrings have become one of the most popular trends of all times. These can also be combined with other earring styles such as Hoop earrings with drop which is a perfect pair of two of women’s favorite earrings styles: just right to add a bit of femininity to your whole look and who isn’t a fan of that! That’s not it. Hoop earrings give a different look when embellished with different gemstones. While a Hoop earring with diamond add a spark and make your entire look pop out, a hoop earring with pearl adds a tint of sophistication and royalty to your look, just perfect to be worn to work everyday. Hoops are stylish and bold! And you’ll find them in a wide range of vibrant colored gemstones in our collection. Let’s delve a bit deeper:

Make a Bold fashion statement: Different Designs of Hoop Earrings

Infinity Hoop Earrings:

Hoop Earrings in an infinity pattern, that’s sure to grab many eyeballs! Making for a unique fashion statement, a pair of Infinity hoop earrings can also make for a perfect gift for your significant other for you to express how much they mean to you.

Floral Hoop Earrings:

The exquisite look of flower hoop earrings is something else! Combining the feminine grace of flowers in a hoop setup, specially in sparkling hoop earrings with diamond, which woman is not to be appealed by these earrings!

Star Hoop Earrings:

Star studded with Diamond in a Hoop setup, how does that sound to you? Surreal, isn’t it? Star Hoop Earrings alone can make any of your looks appear alluring.

Half Eternity Hoop Earrings:

Half Eternity Hoop Earrings, apart from having a profound meaning, embody sparkle and brilliance all around them, making for an appealing pick for women. Nothing can match the spark of Hoop Earrings with Diamond in an eternity setup

Hinged Hoop Earrings:

Tired searching for the perfect pair of earrings to be worn to work? Specially for those pretty piercings of yours? We bet nothing can look as minimalist yet stylish like Hinged Hoop Earrings.

Half Hoop Earrings:

Half Hoop Earrings have surely taken over the trend market today! Since we’re always on the hunt for something unique when it comes to jewelry, half hoop earrings trench our thirst for that, looking classy as well as graceful. Hoop Earrings with Cross: Cross looks fashionable and chic and that is known to the world. When combined with a Hoop setup, these earrings can please any eye with their grace.

Hoop Earrings with Drop:

A pair of Hoop Drop Earrings can end all your searches since Hoop and Drop both have such a classic beauty that no one can ever get bored of donning these.

Level up the glamour quotient with Gold Hoop Earrings

White gold:

Hoop earrings white gold look simple, pretty and royal, all at once. The serenity of white gold can surely make it a beautiful pick for your hoop earrings.

Yellow gold:

Hoop earrings yellow gold make for a lustrous luxurious pick for women of all age groups since yellow gold metal is so timeless.

Rose gold:

If you want to add a bit of subtle femininity to your earrings, nothing can match the grace of Hoop earrings rose gold.


  1. What do hoop earrings symbolize?

    Hoop earrings, just like their bold look, symbolize strength. Since they are designed in a circle, these stand for wholeness and unity. Having been a fashion trend for quite some time now, Hoop earrings can also help you make your identity more evident. America has seen these become a symbol of protest among immigrants. Such are the deep ties that Hoop earrings carry with them.

  2. How are hoop earrings secured?

    Hoop earrings have a closure ranging from latch back, saddle back to lever back to keep these secure and intact in your earlobe for you to wear them comfortably on an everyday basis.

  3. Where were hoop earrings originated?

    Hoop earrings have a long history associated with them, dating back to as long as 2500 B.C.E when they were first worn in Nubia, Africa. The royalties in Africa also wore gold hoop earrings and since then, it became widely popular. And who said hoop earrings are just for women? In Europe, both men and women wore hoop earrings just as much.

  4. Are hoop earrings in trend?

    Hoop earrings have always been in trend and it doesn’t seem to go away any sooner. From multi colored gemstone embellished hoop earrings to half hoop earrings, Hoop earrings have spread their roots in fashion like nothing else today. So much so that they even symbolize international fashion. Whether you like it bold or dainty, designs of hoop earrings cover it all. Since they look stunning on every age group, the trend for Hoop earrings is here to stay.

  5. Can you sleep in hoop earrings?

    Earrings should be removed while sleeping but if the hoops are small, there shouldn’t be any problem. But if you’ve had your ears pierced for quite some time now, we’d recommend you to remove your hoop earrings while sleeping to maintain their new like luster.