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About Black Diamond Earrings

When it comes to fashion, the class of Black is absolutely unmatched. There’s no color more in fashion than Black at any point of time after all. And when we’re talking of Black Diamond, it makes for a perfect combination of uniqueness and style. Black Diamond Earrings go great matched with any pair of outfit since Black is one of the most timeless colors. That’s what makes Black Diamond Earrings versatile as well. The craze of Black Diamond Earrings is sure on the rise. Maybe because Black gives the much looked for dramatic touch to earrings or the depth of color Black is such that you’re sure to lose yourself in it. Whatever the reason might be, Black Diamond Earrings for men and women both make for a classic fashion statement. Since Black Diamond is also quite rare to find, it further makes Black Diamond Earrings more valuable. Black is the new royal after all!

Black Diamond also represent courage and strength, which we’re sure you can tell from the loudness of its color. It is even known to protect against evil forces. All this combined further amplifies the hype for Black Diamond Earrings. Just like white diamond, Black Diamond Earrings also have a polished luster and shine, making its elegant look sparkle like anything. Black Diamond is even known to reflect light with its polished look. Let’s dive some more into the versatility of Black Diamond Earrings:

Black and Gold: A luxurious combination: Choose your Metal color

Black Diamond Earrings White Gold:

The color Combination of Black and White has always been timeless. Black Diamond Earrings in White Gold metal makes for an enduring fashion statement.

Black Diamond Earrings Rose Gold:

The blush color of rose gold metal and Black Diamond Earrings when combined makes for a feminine yet chick look.

Black Diamond Earrings Yellow Gold:

The lustrous look of Black Diamond Earrings in Yellow Gold makes for a luxurious fashion statement.

Elegant and Exotic: Black Diamond Earrings Styles

Black Diamond Stud Earrings:

The classic and simple look of Stud Earrings is surely hard to match and when embellished with Black Diamond, it makes for an evident yet effortless fashion statement.

Black Diamond Hoop Earrings:

A hoop can never go out of style and when embedded with Black Diamond, these Black Diamond Hoop Earrings make for a classy fashion statement.

Black Diamond Drop Earrings:

When looking for feminine and graceful Black Diamond Earrings for women, Drop Earrings are without any doubt one of the topmost picks. Now that’s what we’d label as royal!

Black Diamond Halo Earrings:

Black Diamond earrings encircled with White Diamond in a Halo setup. After all, Black and White is and will always be the most alluring color combinations of all times.

Explore the 4 Cs

  • Cut 

    The versatility of the shape of Black Diamond Earrings is such that it ranges from round, oval, pear to marquise, heart and princess cut.

  • Clarity 

    A high quality Black Diamond is known to have lesser visible inclusions. The highest clarity grade for Black Diamond is known to be Flawless (F).

  • Color 

    Although the color of Black Diamond is seen as rich Black to the naked eye, it is known to be very dark green in reality.

  • Carat

    The carat weight of Black Diamond Earrings ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.


  1. What does a Black Diamond symbolize?

    Black Diamond is known to be a symbol of power, charisma and deep passion. The intensity of Black color would surely tell you that. It has also been known to protect against evil forces. Representing inner strength, it makes for a great ornament for women. Apart from that, since Black Diamond also has ties with love and eternity, a pair of Black Diamond Earrings make for a perfect gift for your significant other.

  2. How do you determine the quality of Black Diamond?

    The quality of Black Diamond can be judged by its 4 Cs which is graded by SGL. SGL certification is a proof of the quality of the 4 Cs of Black Diamond: cut, color, clarity and carat. We only sell SGL certified Black Diamond to assure you of the quality.

  3. Can Black Diamond reflect light?

    Much differently than White Diamond that reflects light, Black Diamond is known to absorb light which makes for its lustrous look. That’s sure hard to tell from the polished and shiny look of Real Black Diamond Earrings.

  4. Are Black Diamond Earrings expensive?

    The price of Black Diamond Earrings ranges from as low as $ 300 to as much as $1500, depending upon the carat weight and style of earrings.

  5. How to care for Black Diamond Earrings?

    When it comes to jewelry, constant maintenance is like a need. In order to maintain the new like luster of Black Diamond Earrings, you must clean it with a mild solution of soap and water and dry it out with a clean soft cloth. Apart from that, never forget to get it cleaned, tightened and re-polished professionally from time to time.