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Promise Rings

Promise rings signify love and commitment. Presenting a promise ring to someone would mean you are committing your loyalty towards that person. More often promise rings for her are also known as pre-engagement rings or friendship rings. If you are eager to show your devotion to your partner without being too loud, you can just present them a promise ring. A diamond promise ring for her is would be a gesture for your partner that you feel a deeper connection with them.

The Romans has introduced the concept of promise rings for couples as a sign of their commitment to their partner before marrying. During 14th century, these rings were called as posy rings because the band of these rings had poetic phrases engraved. However, modern promise rings depicts the same love and loyalty, but it’s not necessarily a sign of future marriage.

Define Promise Ring Meaning

In brief, promise rings are worn and given to signify loyalty and commitment to another person. Promise ring denotes that you are making an open announcement to the world that your heart belongs to someone and you are ready to nurture and protect the relationship that your share with your partner. However, diamond promise rings can be a precursor of an engagement for some, it might be only for true friendship and togetherness for some.

Promise rings are minimal, and you can offer a promise ring to your friends, your family member, and to your partner. It is simply given to show your adoration and loyalty towards your partner. A solitaire promise ring or infinity promise rings for her are the most selling types of promise rings.

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Promise Rings FAQ’s

  1. What does a promise ring mean?

    Promise rings often termed as pre-engagement rings are exchanged to signify love and commitment and loyalty in a relationship. While, in a friendship a promise ring could mean a promise of togetherness and similarly to a family member a promise ring depicts dedication and strong connection

  2. What finger should a promise ring worn on?

    The placement for promise rings should be on the ring finger (or fourth finger) of your left hand, due to the belief that this finger has vein connected to the heart.

  3. How much will a promise ring cost me?

    Usually, a gold promise ring would cost you around $300 to $600 and according to the designs and gemstones the price of promise rings tend to fluctuate in terms of a few hundred dollars unlike the engagement rings which can cost couples thousands.

  4. When are promise rings given?

    While there isn’t any hard and fast rule when it comes to presenting promise rings to anyone. You can choose any occasion such as birthday, Valentine’s day or any one of the milestone anniversaries.

  5. Are promise rings and engagement rings the same?

    Although, they both signifies love and commitment, they are slightly different from each other. A promise is usually simple and minimal, while an engagement ring have a center stone and other baubles.

  6. When should your boyfriend give you a promise ring?

    When he is so sure about you, and when he wants to take your relationship to another level. Then probably he would give you a promise ring.

  7. Who buys the promise rings in a relationship?

    Certainly, it’s not a rule that someone particular buys promise ring. It may be a boy or a girl who can buy a promise ring to outward their love towards their partner.

  8. Do both partners wear promise rings?

    In most cases, we have girls wearing promise rings but, it’s not necessary. Both partners can wear promise rings happily.

  9. How long should you wear a promise ring?

    Again, it depends on you! For how long you want to wear your promise ring. Traditionally, people switch the finger of promise ring after they get engaged or you can also wear a promise ring by putting it on your chain necklace.