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Garnet Rings

On the days you wish to flaunt some glamour, put on a Garnet ring, and you’ll be good to go. Especially when you have such a fashion-savvy collection of classic, old-school, and contemporary rings to decide from, nothing is stopping you from setting new trends. Let’s have a look!

What is Garnet?

Speaking of its chemical composition, Garnet is naturally formed from a group of silicate minerals. It is the honorable birthstone of January. To your surprise, it is available in a kaleidoscopic palette of colors in the market today. But the most commonly found color of Garnet is deep blood-red with slight undertones of purple. (which is the color you’ll get to witness in all of our Real Garnet Rings.) 

What does a Garnet Ring symbolize?

Their hue would tell that Garnet Stone Rings are often associated with heart and inner force. Thanks to that, they are widely regarded as the epitome of love, friendship, and vitality. (which is why they are such a popular choice for commemorating all the meaningful milestone occasions) 

Apart from its rich red hue, Garnet is hailed as a gemstone rich in folklore and ancient beliefs. That takes us to the discussion about the many benefits that wearing a January Birthstone Ring blesses the wearer with:

A Garnet Ring is held in high regard for instilling a sense of passion, fire, and good luck in relationships. Not to forget- it is astrologically believed to keep the wearer away from all kinds of negativity and evil energies. What you might not find surprising thanks to its blood-red hue is that it also helps in regulating the blood circulation of the body. Apart from that, it also works wonders for diseases related to the lungs and helps strengthen the metabolism.

Whether you prefer it for its aesthetics or the unique symbolism that it brings along, a Garnet Birthstone Ring is any day a fine choice. You won’t doubt that once you browse through our one-of-a-kind collection. So, without any further ado, let’s check it out:

Our Versatile Collection of Garnet Gold Rings

  • Garnet Solitaire Rings

    Easily the most classic choice of Garnet Engagement Ring, a Solitaire Style pens spotlight on the Single Centerpiece of Garnet. The best part? It resonates with many aesthetics. So, while you can expect a Round Cut Garnet Solitaire Ring to be the most conventional choice, the one fashioned in fancier cuts (like marquise, pear, princess) is a more modish choice. While for an old-world aesthetic, an Asscher, Cushion, or Emerald Cut Garnet Ring works best.

  • Garnet Halo Rings

    An interesting (and sparkly) take on the Classic Solitaire Ring, Halo Ring incorporates an encircling of Diamond/Moissanite around the Garnet Solitaire. The Halo isn’t merely about the sparkle. It goes much beyond that to lend more character, playfulness, and versatility to the ring. Moreover, it attracts more attention to the Garnet by making it look bigger! That makes Garnet Engagement Rings in Halo style one of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing choices!

  • Vintage Garnet Ring

    A Vintage-inspired Garnet Ring breathes life into iconic designs that marked the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. The most common Antique Garnet Rings are emphasized by milgrain, filigree, and vintage engravings, as well as abstract patterns. It oozes an old-school touch that is beautifully complemented by the center stone of Garnet.

  • Garnet Eternity Ring

    An Eternity Ring is paraded by an endless row of Garnets. So if a Solitaire doesn’t offer enough color pop for you, a Garnet eternity ring with its bold red hue might fit your aesthetics. It is a classic cum bold piece of accessory. Also, with its unique amalgamation of color and sparkles, a Garnet and Diamond Ring is the most exotic choice in an eternity style. The meaning this style carries is just as beautiful. It is presented as a token of the kind of love that isn’t defined by any measures (i.e., eternal love). That also makes it a meaningful Garnet Wedding Ring.

  • Garnet Promise Ring

    Symbolically, a Garnet Promise Ring is exchanged between couples as a promise of love and commitment. It precedes the engagement but insinuates that you’re thinking of taking your relationship to the next stage. Aesthetically, it isn’t defined by any specific style. It could go from being a Classic Garnet Solitaire Ring to a more flashy three-stone Garnet ring. Or even lie somewhere in between with minimal metalwork that features eye-catching floral or nature-inspired motifs. Garnet Heart Ring stands proudly as the most romantic and meaningful promise ring out there!

  • Garnet Wedding Band

    A Wedding Band is studded with uniformly-sized garnets all over the shank. It is one of the most versatile ring styles out there. For an understated look, you always have the option to stick to a Classic Garnet Band Ring in an eternity style. However, if you fancy eye-striking aesthetics, consider saying I do to a designer, scatter, or antique Garnet Ring.


  1. How much is a garnet ring worth?

    The price of Garnet Rings ranges from $200 to $1100 in our collection. However, if you buy a Garnet Ring for sale, you can also enjoy some exciting pocket-friendly deals. 

  2. Which finger do you wear a garnet ring on?

    Speaking in an astrological sense, wearing a Garnet Ring on the thumb blesses the wearer with positive changes.

    However, to strengthen love and relationships, people consider wearing it on the ring finger. But remember- Your sense of style and preferences would ultimately dictate your final choice in this matter.

  3. Can Garnet be worn every day?

    Garnet strikes an above-average hardness rating of 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs Scale. So, it is considered a durable gemstone. By taking care of some professional recommended care and maintenance tips, you can choose to wear a Garnet Ring every day. 

  4. Can you shower with a garnet ring?

    A big no!

    Be it a rose gold or white gold Garnet ring, always put it off before you hop in the shower. Chemicals from soaps and shampoos hold the potential risk of damaging any gemstone.

  5. What zodiac should wear garnet?

    Garnet is the renowned birthstone of January. So astrologically, this January Birthstone Ring is considered lucky for those native to the Aries and Aquarius Zodiac.