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About Pink Sapphire Necklaces

The gorgeous pink sapphire gemstone can make anyone’s heart melt owing to its captivating pink hue and extraordinary brilliance. Ranging from light pink sapphire to purplish pink sapphire, owning it in the form of a pendant necklace will give you an even more stunning and radiant look.

The collection of Pink Sapphire Pendant Necklace offered by Rose Jewels is wide and exquisitely handcrafted, keeping in mind style and versatility. You can select from trendy to classic styles, solitaire to halo, infinity to heart-shaped pink sapphire pendant necklaces to express your love and care on any occasion.

Significance of Pink Sapphire Gemstone

Trust, loyalty, and intense love are some of the few things that pink sapphire means. An increase in the popularity of Pink Sapphire stones has also increased the demand for Pink gemstone pendants.

What to look for while buying Pink Sapphire ?

  • Cut: Pink sapphires come in all types of cuts, be they round, oval, cushion, or pear. Go for the one that looks most attractive to you. One thing that needs to be taken care of is that the brilliance of the gem is not compromised. A well cut stone can enhance the sparkle and wrongly cut can diminish its shine leaving it looking dull.
    • Clarity: Pink Sapphires are treated for their inclusions as it is rare to find eye-clean stones that are devoid of any inclusions. In the case of a perfect pink sapphire stone, check if it is treated or fake.

It is recommended to find a pink sapphire with a clarity grade in the VS (very slightly included) or VVS (very very slightly included) range.

  • Color: The most preferred color of the pink sapphire stone is vivid pink with a purple overtone. Though it ranges from pale pink to dark pink. It is difficult to compare two pink sapphire colors due to the lack of uniformity in them; instead, choose the one that looks more vibrant to your eyes.
  • Carat: The carat weight solely depends on your budget and style choices. It’s an individual preference. We recommend focusing on color and complete appearance and then considering the carat.


  1. Why is a created pink sapphire ?

    When a gemstone is grown in lab synthetically instead of being mined. There both are made with same elements and properties but the only difference is one is a gift of nature and other is of science.

  2. How to take care of pink sapphire necklace?

    Taking care of pink sapphire jewelry is as easy as any other gemstone jewelry. Use warm soapy water and scrub it over gently with a brush. Harsh detergents, or liquids like thinner or alcohol should be avoided for cleaning.

  3. How to tell if it’s a real pink sapphire ?

    Real pink sapphire will have imperfections; if they are not visible with naked eyes, they can surely be seen under the microscope. Hence, if you are able to find flaws, then it is a real one, and otherwise, chances are that it is a fake one.

  4. Is pink tourmaline the same as pink sapphire?

    Pink sapphire is a harder and more brilliant gem than pink tourmaline. Keeping them together will make you understand how one outshines the other. For that reason, pink sapphire jewelry will be more expensive than pink tourmaline jewelry.

  5. Is pink sapphire same as pink diamond?

    Pink diamonds are usually in a pale hue, whereas pink sapphires' color ranges from a lighter tone to a darker one. Pink Sapphire is usually on the brighter side. It is a very popular alternate to pink diamonds, as the former will cost you less in comparison.