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Fire Opal Rings

Whether you’re an October born, just another fashionista that has fallen for its fiery aesthetics, or scouting gifts for your special someone, we have a wide assortment of Fire Opal Ring styles that cater to different occasions, personalities, and fashion choices. Right from the rings that one could practically wear every day to the ones that are too statement-making to look past, we’re here to introduce you to each one of them.

First things first, What is a Fire Opal Ring?

A Ring embellished with the center stone of Fire Opal (a semi-precious, October Birthstone) beams with a fiery bright yellow-orange hue that sets it apart from the rest. You’d be surprised to note that a Real Fire Opal hails from the depths of volcanoes, which is the very reason for its fire-like appearance. 

Though Mexico is the stone’s primary producer, you can expect to get your hands on a Natural Fire Opal Ring in many parts all around the world. 

Each Opal Ring from this collection is handcrafted in three tones of Gold: White, yellow, and rose gold.


If you’re someone who is always looking for a symbolic meaning in their jewelry, a Fire Opal Ring will never disappoint. Standing true to its blazing appearance, it epitomizes passion, creativity, and inspiration. Remarkably, it also represents the joys of the heart (which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise here). But the most beautiful part here remains its deep ties with intense and passionate love (you see why our collection of Fire Opal Rings for Women are such sought-after gifts for your beloved?). 

Apart from that, it’s always been a part of fascinating folklore, with some even believing it to be created in the waters of paradise (precisely, when these waters met with the lava from volcanoes). The Mayas honored it with the name ‘Quetzalitzlipyollitli,’ which is Mexican for ‘the stone of the bird of paradise.’ (which is practically where its connotations with creativity stem from).

Different Styles of Fire Opal Rings in our Collection that Cater to Different Occasions

Fire opal Engagement Ring

An Opal engagement ring is a token of love that is presented as a promise of marriage or to propose marriage. Some of the most significant styles that you can find this engagement ring in are as follows:

  1. Fire Opal Solitaire Ring: 

    Proudly taking the award for being the go-to engagement ring for every to-be-wed out there, it features a prominent main stone of Fire Opal (mostly above 6 MM in size) that takes away all the attention. Opal could be of any shape right from the most conventional round to fancier (marquise, pear, princess) and vintage ones (asscher, emerald). This style oozes a classic cum timeless vibe and is quite understated (yet modern) when compared to the other red opal engagement ring styles. 

  2. Fire Opal Halo Ring

    A beautiful (and sparkly) take on the Classic Solitaire style, a Halo Ring is defined by a Center Stone of Fire Opal that is encircled with a row of twinkling diamonds/moissanite (termed as halo). With this extra layer of sparkle, not only does your Opal look more defined, but it also gives off an illusion of a bigger stone. Not to forget, the bright pop of color of Fire Opals when accompanied by sparkles, makes your ring look all the more radiant.

  3. Fire Opal Vintage Rings

    A Vintage-inspired Fire Opal Engagement Ring can easily be confused for a piece that is at least 20-30 years old. That is because apart from featuring Fire Opal as the center of attraction, it looks like an antique piece of art that is inspired by intricate designs of Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. So, you can expect it to incorporate filigree, milgrain, and antique motifs (which are the most significant design elements from those eras) as well as other ornate details and engravings. 

  4. Fire Opal Celtic Knot Ring

    Celtic Knot Rings, with their intricate knotwork designs inspired by Celtic Art and Culture, carry the most endearing symbolism. You’ll find these Fire Opal rings to have continuous, unbroken knot patterns that symbolize eternal love, fidelity, and loyalty. Apart from that, a Celtic Knot can represent many things. For example, The Trinity Knot, also known as the Triquetra, is a knot design that represents the Holy Trinity in Christianity, or the threefold nature of existence in Celtic mythology. 

Fire Opal Wedding Ring

An Opal wedding ring is a symbol of commitment that is exchanged between partners along with the wedding vows, thus officially pronouncing you as man and wife.

  1. Fire Opal Half Eternity Ring:

    A Half Eternity Ring is a type of ring that features a row of Fire Opals along the front half of the band. For those who can’t get enough of the bright pop of color of Opals, nothing better than a Half Eternity Ring. The name may have given it away that this beautiful style carries a meaning just as heartwarming. It epitomizes an eternal, i.e., never-ending love between two people (which is why it makes for such a beautiful Fire Opal Wedding Ring).

  2. Fire Opal Eternity Ring:

    A Fire Opal Eternity Ring is pretty much like the half-eternity. The only difference lies in the fact that it is studded with Fire Opal throughout the band. So precisely here, the unending circle of stones insinuates eternal love and commitment. 

    FYI: You always have the option to go for a matching engagement and wedding ring (if that suits your aesthetics) with a Fire Opal Engagement Ring Set.

Fire Opal Promise Rings

You may have guessed by the name by now that an Opal Promise Ring reflects upon the promise or commitment made between two people. So, you can take it as a symbol that suggests that you’re all set to take your relationship to the next level.

  1. Minimalist Fire Opal Ring: 

    A Minimalist Opal Promise Ring is an understated ring that is characterized by clean lines, minimal embellishments and focuses on the beauty of the Fire Opal itself. The style could be a simple solitaire one (that features a Fire Opal that is typically less than 6 MM), often accentuated with side-stones of diamond/moissanite. Or even be characterized by nature-inspired/floral motifs or textured metalwork. So for the days when you just wish to keep it simple or would like to flaunt your love to the world, this Mexican Fire Opal ring is the one to go for!

  2. Fire Opal Wrap Ring:

    You wouldn’t find a style more interesting than the Wrap Ring. It typically features a wide band highlighting multiple Opals, with a section that wraps around the finger (just as the name suggests) and crosses over the top of the band. In the mood to go far away from the ordinary? These Fire Opal Promise Rings complemented by the bold touch of Opals are a clear favorite when that’s the case!

  3. Fire Opal Infinity Ring:

    It highlights a Fire Opal Gemstone set in an infinity-shaped band or a plain band that is fashioned with an infinity symbol (typically in the center). The promise of never falling apart till the end of time (pretty much till infinity) couldn’t be enunciated better than an Opal Infinity ring. 


  1. How much does a fire opal ring cost?

    In case you wish to buy Fire Opal Ring online, the cost would range from $250 to $1200 in our collection.

  2. What are the benefits of wearing a fire opal ring?

    Fire Opal, apart from being a lucky gemstone for the ones born in October, offers the wearer manifold benefits:

    • Physical Healing Properties of Fire Opal

      Legends have it that Fire Opal works like a wonder gemstone for physical ailments. The healing powers of Fire Opal in that context include treating digestive issues, inflammation, kidney problems, and hormonal imbalances. Apart from that, it can prove to be beneficial for diseases related to hair, nails, teeth, and bones, and help the wearer heal from infections. 

    • Emotional Healing Properties of Fire Opal

      True to its bright and beaming color, Fire Opal promotes joy and happiness in the life of the wearer. It helps you get past negative emotions such as anger, fear, and resentment. Not just that, it also brings a balance in your emotions, thus helping you stay grounded.

    • Creativity

      Fire Opal is best known for enhancing creativity, artistic expression, and imagination. (That its playful orange-yellow hues would surely tell.)

    • Materialistic Benefits of Fire Opal

      Some astrologers recommend wearing a Natural Fire Opal Ring to businessmen. That’s because it is believed to be extremely lucky for attracting wealth and abundance.

  3. How do I care for my fire opal ring?

    Wearing a genuine Fire Opal Ring comes along with the following maintenance tips and tricks:

    • Don’t wear it while hopping in the shower, during workout (or anything that requires extreme physical movements)

    • Clean it every once a month following a DIY process:

      • Submerge your Opal Ring in a warm soapy solution of water.

      • Make use of a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub away any stubborn dirt, grime, or oil from the surface gently (specifically from the ends).

      • After 10-15 minutes of soaking, take the ring out of the mixture and pat it dry with a soft, microfiber cloth. 

      Once done, you’ll lay your eyes on a ring that is as good as new (beaming all the more bright, of course).

    • Make sure to take your Ring to a professional once a year.

  4. Can I wear a fire opal ring every day?

    Fire Opals strike a hardness rating of 5.5 to 6.5 on Mohs Scale. So, you can take it to mean that they are quite delicate and brittle which indicates that a Fire Opal Ring is not recommended to be worn every day. But if you’re planning to do so, make sure you’re taking care of it in the right manner.

  5. How do I choose the right size for my fire opal ring?

    Deciding on the perfect Fire Opal ring size can sometimes get quite overwhelming. That is why we avail free ring sizers on request in case you’re a bit skeptical of your ring size. Once you’ve placed the order, you’re free to request a ring sizer. After the request is placed, we ship it from our nearby office and do the needful once you confirm the size to us.

  6. What is the history of fire opal rings?

    Red Opal Rings have always been home to rich folklore and historical tales. The history of Fire Opal dates back to 1345 AD when Aztecs initially discovered it. To honor the bright colors of this gemstone, they even rewarded it with the name ‘Vitzitziltecpatl’ which in their native tongue means ‘the hummingbird stone.’ Not only did they prize it for its mystical powers, but also used it for aesthetic purposes by carving it into intricate designs, figurines, and sculptures.

    But it became quite rare after the Spanish raided Mexico and took away Opals from their homeland, only to be rediscovered in the year 1835. So understandably, during the Middle Ages, Fire Opals became popular among European royalty and aristocracy, who were just as fascinated by it and wore it as a symbol of their wealth. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Fire Opals gained popularity in the United States, particularly in the Southwest, where they were incorporated into Native American jewelry designs.

  7. Where can I buy a high-quality fire opal ring online?

    We understand how buying a Fire Opal ring online comes with its own set of dilemmas, concerns, and whatnot! That is why Rosec Jewels is driven by the motive to never let you settle when it comes to quality and is one online destination you can completely rely on to get your hands on the very best Opal Rings. 

    To stay true to that, we only avail rings that have been certified by the International Gem Society, a reputable gemological laboratory. The certification implies that the gemstone has gone through stages of inspection, assessment, and evaluation. Apart from that, we only craft jewelry in hallmarked Gold that assures you of metal purity. Your parcel is delivered to your footsteps thanks to our fast express shipping services.