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London Blue Topaz Rings

Royalties’ favorite for a reason, a London Blue Topaz Ring is meant for you to flaunt your elite statement! Moreover, when you have a wide assortment of rings that pleases all kinds of aesthetics, there is no stopping you from finding the ideal one. Let’s have a look:

What is London Blue Topaz Ring?

Renowned as the birthstone of December, London Blue Topaz is one of the three color varieties of the beloved semi-precious gemstone- Blue Topaz. It exudes no ordinary hue but an intense inky shade of blue that oozes a royal vibe.

Behind its aesthetics, it boasts an astrological significance just as wonderful. Let’s shed some light on London Blue Topaz Meaning and benefits:

Symbolism and Benefits of London Blue Topaz Ring

This Royal Blue Gemstone has long been prized as the jewel of love and loyalty, which is what makes it such a meaningful London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring. It is often associated with abundance, wisdom, prosperity, and good luck. Moreover, it has been entitled as the ‘Stone of Transformation,’ which helps the wearer break free from negative experiences and old patterns. That would also tell you that it is highly regarded as a stone that fosters optimism, courage, honesty as well as clarity of thought and expression. 

Having said that, let’s take a look at the wide assortment of London Blue Topaz Gold Ring that we carry and take you a step closer to finding your favorite.

Our Versatile Collection of London Blue Topaz Ring

  • London Blue Topaz Solitaire Ring

    This Solitaire Ring is solely beautified by the Single Centerpiece of London Blue Topaz that takes away all the attention. Speaking of the Solitaire more precisely, the size of London Blue Topaz here is at least 6 MM. That lends it a classic yet eye-catching appeal, making it one of the most conventional styles of London Blue Topaz Engagement Rings. If you like to stick to basics, go for a Round Cut London Blue Topaz Ring. While if you’re more into unconventional trends, a Marquise, Pear, and Princess Cut London Blue Topaz Ring might work best. And for a nice old-school touch, nothing better than a Blue Topaz Solitaire Ring fashioned in Asscher, Emerald, or Cushion Cut.

  • London Blue Topaz Halo Ring

    A unique and edgy take to the classic Solitaire style, the Center Stone of London Blue Topaz here is adorned by a shimmering row of Diamond/Moissanite all around. The Halo doesn’t just lend more character to the Blue Topaz Ring, but also deceives your eyes by making your Topaz appear slightly bigger in size. It is the go-to style for those who fancy a London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring.

  • Vintage London Blue Topaz Ring

    Turning back time, a Vintage London Blue Topaz Ring boasts iconic designs from Edwardian, Victorian, and Art-Deco Eras. It is ornately crafted with Milgrain, filigree, and other retro engravings along with abstract patterns that ooze an old-world vibe. A Vintage-inspired London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring is preferred by those that like an emblem of love that connects with a historic story.

  • London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring

    Popularized as the most flashy, flamboyant, and bold ring out there, this Cocktail Ring is adorned with an enormous Center-Stone of London Blue Topaz. It is further accentuated with eye-striking patterns of diamond/moissanite around or as side stones. A London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring is meant to make a statement with floral and other attention-catching motifs.

  • London Blue Topaz Eternity Ring

    Just like the name suggests, this style is encrusted with uniformly-sized London Blue Topaz all over the band. It is meant for the ones who can’t get enough of the royal pop of Topaz. Typically, you’ll find a Round or Oval London Blue Topaz Ring fashioned in this style. But for those who like a little playful touch, fancier cuts like princess, marquise, and pear have also surged in popularity. The meaning that this style carries is just as beautiful. It commemorates the kind of love that is meant to last a lifetime.

  • London Blue Topaz Wedding Ring

    A Wedding Ring is again beautified with a parade of London Blue Topaz all over the band. It could be a classic or curvature London Blue Topaz Band Ring meant to be flaunted along with your beloved Engagement Ring (which makes for a beautiful London Blue Topaz Wedding Set). Or its aesthetics could be much more flashy as a designer, triple-row or vintage-inspired ring. Symbolically, it commemorates the union of two people as one.

  • London Blue Topaz Promise Ring

    A London Blue Topaz Promise Ring isn’t defined by a specific style. It could range from a Classic London Blue Topaz Solitaire Ring (that isn’t more than 4 MM in size) to one ornamented with minimal floral, nature-inspired detailing or a romantic infinity pattern. Under this category, a London Blue Topaz Heart Ring takes the award for being the most iconic and romantic promise ring out there. Behind the aesthetics, it reflects on the promise of lifelong commitment (typically preceding the engagement).


  1. Is a London blue topaz ring a good investment?

    A London Blue Topaz Gold Ring counts as a great investment thanks to the manifold astrological benefits, durability, and above all, royal aesthetics that it brings to the table. That makes it a highly prized sparkler that offers you the best value for money.

  2. How do you care for a London Blue Topaz Ring?

    Be it rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold London Blue Topaz Ring, taking care of it in the right manner isn’t much of a task once you’re well aware of some handy DIY cleaning hacks. Let’s take a look:

    • Soak your ring in a lukewarm soap and water solution for approximately 10-15 minutes. You could immerse it for an even longer period depending on the amount of dirt and grime accumulated.

    • To do away with the stubborn stains, make sure to scrub the surface gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don’t miss out on the ends.

    • Once done, take it out and pat it dry nicely with a dry, microfiber cloth afterward. And in no time, you’ll see your blue topaz sparkler brimming as good as new.

    Apart from that, don’t forget to take your ring to a professional for a thorough inspection every once a year. Though it is impressively durable, it is highly recommended to store your Blue Topaz Ring away from harder gemstones to avoid any potential scratching. Also, chemicals from soaps, shampoos, and makeup can cause substantial damage to your sparkler, so make it a point to keep it as far away from them as you can.

  3. What occasions are London blue topaz rings suitable for?

    To your delight, wearing this December Birthstone Ring isn’t confined to any occasion. This gemstone serves as a meaningful token of love and loyalty, which makes the London Blue Topaz Engagement Ring a great pick. (Or for any milestone occasion for that matter). Apart from that, it impresses with its durability which pretty much means that you can wear it any day, anywhere.

  4. How is the quality of a London Blue Topaz Ring determined?

    The color, clarity, and cut speak of the quality of your beloved London Blue Topaz Gold Ring. Here are some ground rules to judge them yourself:

    • Color: The most desirable London Blue Topaz is hued in a dark, inky blue color with medium to deep color saturation. So, that works as the bar to judge the color quality of your ring.

    • Clarity: London Blue Topaz which is devoid of any eye-visible inclusions is considered most desirable and thus qualifies as a good-quality stone.

    • Cut: The most ideal cut of London Blue Topaz is considered to be the one that best brings out its color and clarity.

  5. Which finger do you wear a topaz ring?

    Speaking in an astrological sense, it is recommended to wear a Blue Topaz Ring over the index finger of the right hand.

    Apart from that, the final choice boils down to your choice of aesthetics and personal preference.

  6. Can you wear a London blue topaz every day?

    London Blue Topaz strikes a fairly durable hardness of 8 out of 10 on Mohs Scale. So, you can wear it every day without being bothered by the potential wear and tear.