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Citrine Rings

Channel a summery vibe by putting on a Citrine Ring that shines as bright as the sun. Browse through our handcrafted collection, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Spoiler Alert: You can’t just pick one!

But Firstly, What does a Citrine Ring mean?

Citrine is a semi-precious gemstone that graces the month of November. It is renowned for being a special variety of mineral quartz. And special it indeed is since its bright color hue, ranging from a light yellow to deep orange-red, strikes the eye at one glance. We’d like to call it sunshine in the form of a gemstone. And its symbolism won't convince you otherwise!

That’s because wearing a Real Citrine Ring is astrologically believed to bring joy, positivity, and happiness to the life of the wearer. In fact, for times immemorial, people have rewarded this cheerful stone with the names- “money stone”, “merchant stone”, and “success stone.” So, that’d tell you how a Citrine Stone Ring is considered a lucky charm for many!

But mind you, it’s been just as popular for the kind of fashion statement it makes. Let our collection of Citrine Rings, right from the most classic to the most extravagant pieces lead your way:

Our Versatile Collection of Citrine Rings Online 

  • Solitaire Citrine Ring

    This style puts the spotlight on the (already eye-catching) Solo Center Stone of Citrine, which is around 6-8 MM in size. It is hailed as the most classic, versatile, and popular Citrine Engagement Ring out there! To add to its aesthetics, it can also be emphasized with floral, infinity, and other motifs or side-stones of Diamonds and Moissanite. (without taking away the attention from the centerpiece of Citrine, of course)

  • Citrine Halo Ring

    Say a big hello to a layer of sparkles with a Citrine Halo Ring. In this extraordinary style, your Citrine Centerpiece is sparkled up with the encircling of a row of Diamonds or Moissanites. It is this stone-studded row that we term- ‘Halo.’ You can expect to lay your eyes on a more bright and (surprisingly) bigger-looking stone thanks to this Halo. It also elevates the appearance of a Classic November Birthstone Engagement Ring by adding more personality to it.

  • Citrine Half Eternity Ring

    If you fancy an extra citrus splash of color, this Yellow Citrine Ring in Half Eternity style is your gateway to it. That’s because it incorporates a line of uniform-sized Citrine nestled together half the way through the band. It is just as beautiful beyond the aesthetics. True to its style, it represents the kind of love that is eternal.

  • Citrine Eternity Ring

    In a nutshell, a Citrine Eternity Ring imitates the half-eternity except for the fact that the whole band is studded with Citrine here. The symbolism too is no different. And that interestingly makes it a prized Citrine Wedding Ring that all the to-be-weds fancy.

  • Vintage Citrine Ring

    This old-school style gets us to revisit the eras bygone (Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, etc.) That's because this Antique Citrine Ring is defined by retro designs highlighting filigree, milgrain, and other ornate engravings (that were significant during those eras). Complemented by the Center Stone of Citrine, it makes for a statement hard to look past. Speaking of vintage rings, did you know an Asscher or Emerald Cut Citrine Ring also gives off an old-world feel? Since these rings also carry a story (and we’re seeing vintage aesthetics practically everywhere), many couples prefer them as engagement rings. 

  • Citrine Promise Ring

    Citrine Promise Ring could be a Simple Solitaire one or beautified by minimal nature-inspired patterns or side stones. You will find it to be a lot more understated than Citrine Engagement Rings. The Center Stone of Citrine is no more than 4 MM in size. Also, do we even need to introduce you to the endearing symbolism that it carries? Couples present it to each other as a promise of love, commitment, and togetherness.

  • Citrine Cocktail Ring

    Citrine Cocktail Ring features bold, flashy, and extravagant designs complemented by the (no less flashy) Centerpiece of Citrine. The Citrine is often complemented by Diamonds (arranged in attention-catching patterns). From geometric and abstract designs to floral and nature-inspired motifs, you can expect to see everything in this November Birthstone Ring. But the common thing you’ll notice in each design is that they’re all meant to make a statement.

  • Celtic Knot Citrine Ring

    This Unique Citrine Ring style features intricate, interlacing patterns of knot-work around Citrine. Interestingly, these knots are fashioned with no starting or end point. That brings us to the meaningful symbolism that this design offers. The Celtic knots shed light upon the eternity of life and never-ending love (when exchanged between couples). So, if you haven’t guessed it by now, let us tell you- it also makes for a beautiful proposal ring.

  • Citrine Wedding Band

    Citrine Wedding Ring features a row of Citrines beautifying the metal band. From Classic Citrine Diamond Ring Bands to visually appealing designer Bands (or even Double Bands), you have a world of options to say I do too. You could team it up with your engagement ring or flaunt it all solo!

Apart from the many versatile styles it comes in, you will find a Citrine Gold Ring hued in three metal tones- white, yellow, or rose gold. Let your choice of aesthetics determine ‘the one.’ A White Gold Citrine Ring is the most classic and understated choice, the one in yellow gold blends well with the summery hue of Citrine. Rose Gold, on the other hand, is the most feminine, unique, and trendy choice.


  1. Is Citrine good for a ring?

    First things first, Citrine is hued with sunny yellow-orange color that looks eye-pleasing. Its cheerful hues are often associated with positivity, happiness, and joy. It carries the energies of the Sun, which makes it a stone of good fortune and prosperity. So in an astrological sense, Citrine Ring is considered extremely lucky for wearers. Apart from that, its durability is a big plus. It strikes a hardness of 7 out of 10 on Mohs Scale that makes it quite a durable gemstone. Also, in case you’re looking to buy Citrine rings online, you’d be delighted to note that it is also (comparatively) quite affordable. All that makes Citrine a great gemstone for a ring.

  2. Which finger do you wear a citrine ring on?

    A Citrine Birthstone Ring is recommended to be worn on the index finger of the right hand.

  3. Can a Citrine ring be worn every day?

    Absolutely yes! You can wear a Citrine Ring every day! (just keep in mind to follow some maintenance tips and tricks). That’s because- it strikes a fairly-durable hardness rating of 7 out of 10 on Mohs Scale. So, you don’t have to worry about its wear and tear as much, be it a 1 or 2 carat Citrine ring.

  4. How can you tell if citrine is real?

    Remember- a Fake Citrine can never possess the same chemical structure as a naturally formed Citrine. So, telling them both apart isn’t much of a task. You have to rely on the following traditional tricks:

    1. Genuine Citrines are pale to deep yellow or golden brown in color. So if your Citrine is fake, it tends to have a more unnatural or inconsistent color.

    2. It is natural for a genuine Citrine to be home to some inclusions. If the stone is cloudy or has visible bubbles or cracks, it may not be real.

    3. A Pure Citrine is generally heavier than its synthetic counterparts. If the stone feels too light for its size, beware- it could be a fake one.

  5. How do you activate a citrine ring?

    People often rely on the following measures to activate a Real Citrine Ring:

    • Before activating your Citrine Ring, it's important to cleanse it of any negative or stagnant energies. You can do this by holding the ring under running water or smudging it with sage or palo santo (plant).

    • Citrine is a solar stone, which means it is associated with the energy of the sun. Place your ring in direct sunlight for a few hours to charge it with this energy.

    • Citrine is often associated with abundance, prosperity, and manifestation. Hold your ring in your hands and set an intention for what you wish to manifest in your life. Visualize your desired outcome as if it has already come to fruition.

    • Meditating with a Citrine ring is considered one of the most traditional methods of activating it. Sit in a quiet place and hold your citrine ring in your hands. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Visualize the energy of the Citrine filling your body and radiating out into the world.

    • Apart from that, it is astrologically recommended to bring a Citrine ring to your workplace or keep it in the center of your home to make the most use of its energies.