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About Blue Sapphire Earrings

The blue sapphires are one of those precious gemstones that have captivated the hearts of people around the world. Their enchanting beauty has thus motivated our jewelers to curate an assorted range of blue sapphire earrings. The exceptional durability and hardness of the Gemstone of Royalty have been the motivation behind alluring blue sapphire jewelry. The natural sapphire earrings by Rosec Jewels are handcrafted in traditional and modern styles for women. For a simple pair of earrings for everyday wear, our blue sapphire stud earrings are to be checked out for an elegant look. Our exquisite collection of sapphire earrings for women are an amazing pair to flaunt around with. We blend different kinds of blue sapphire shapes and exceptional gemstone settings in adorable colors of gold. Out of the three colors, namely, yellow, white and rose, the blue sapphire earrings in white gold are an elegant choice to compliment the charming personality of lovely women out there. With the collection by Rosec Jewels, you can get your hands on flawless blue sapphire hoop earrings and blue sapphire dangle earrings.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Earrings

The September birthstone blue sapphires in earrings for women are associated with faithfulness and sincerity. It is also thought to help in healing neurological disorders and protect against accidents.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Blue Sapphire Earrings

  • Color: Blue sapphires will be loved for their signature royal blue color and will be favored for a strong to vivid blue saturation while buying blue sapphire earrings.  
  • Clarity: The natural blue sapphires tend to have few inclusions and affect the price of sapphire earrings and thus should be looked for an eye-clean piece.
  • Cut: The perfect cut can help reduce blemishes and enhance the color of blue sapphire in earrings for women.
  • Carat: Blue sapphire are available in comparatively large sizes and thus can be cut into different shape and sizes befitting the kind of jewelry.

Blue Sapphire Earrings FAQs

  1. Where do blue sapphire come from?

    Blue sapphires come from the mines in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Tanzania and the famous Kashmir blue sapphire from India.

  2. How to take care of blue sapphire gold earrings?

    The blue sapphire earrings for women are although very durable owing to the exceptional hardness and don’t usually get scratched easily but the regular use of gold earrings can dull the sparkle of sapphires. However, they can be easily cleaned at home by keeping the following steps in mind.

      1. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe off dirt or oil.
      2. Grab a bowl of lukewarm water and add mild cleaning agent.
      3. Place your earrings in it and use soft bristle brush to clean off the dirt from under the gemstones.

  3. How much will a blue sapphire earring cost me?

    The sapphire earrings incorporating an authentic natural blue sapphire can fetch prices depending on the size of the gemstone, the color of blue sapphire and and the clarity. However, the price of blue sapphire earrings can vary from a several hundred dollars and to a few thousand dollars.

  4. What are blue sapphire birthstone earrings?

    Blue sapphires are the official birthstone of September and have been long thought to shower people born in September with various healing powers and benefits. Thus, the sapphire earrings are also known as the September birthstone earrings.

  5. How can I know if my blue sapphire earrings are authentic?

    The authenticity of ruby in earrings is ensured by the gemstone certification to define rubies in all the quality factors like carat, color, cut and clarity. The certificate is usually issued on the behalf of a reputed third party like the SGL Labs.