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About Blue Sapphire Bracelets

The most coveted and valued variety of sapphire is undoubtedly blue sapphire. The rich blue color is known for the regal value it carries. Owning blue sapphire jewelry definitely catches everyone’s eye owing to its irresistible charm and association with royalty.

Rosec Jewels gives you variety of options to choose from. We have crafted blue sapphire bracelets in a wide range of styles, like tennis, station chain, charm, cuff, and bangle bracelets. Also, the collection comes in trendy, minimalist, and bold kinds of styles, which you can gift her while keeping in mind her persona.

But there are a few things to see while buying blue sapphire bracelets. Let’s look at them in detail.

Blue Sapphire Buying Guide

  • Carat Weight:

    The carat weight of the gemstone directly impacts its price. While looking at multiple options, you can compare their carat weights and how they differ in price.

  • Cut:

    A well cut gemstone embellished in the bracelet will be shiny and lustrous. It is important to check the grade and type of cut.

  • Clarity:

    Inclusions will directly impact the value of the gemstone. It is a natural stone and thus has some flaws. Eye-clean blue sapphires should be considered over others.

  • Color:

    The depth and intensity of color are measured by the following grades: AAA and AA, where AAA is the best and AA is good. AAA is more valuable because of its high saturation and intense color.

FAQs about Blue Sapphire Bracelets

  1. Can blue sapphire Jewelry be worn everyday ?

    Yes, it’s high durability allows one to wear it every day.

  2. How do you care for blue sapphire jewelry ?

    It is to be cleaned and taken care of just like any other gemstone. Use soapy water and a soft cloth for cleaning and a padded jewelry box for storing. Save your jewelry from harsh chemicals.

  3. Who can wear blue sapphire jewelry ?

    It is a September birthstone, and thus everyone born in this month can wear this gemstone.

  4. Who should not wear blue sapphire gemstone?

    It is believed that pieces ascendant born should avoid wearing it.