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About South Sea Pearl Necklace

The South Sea pearl is the most coveted, the most exquisite looking, and the finest of all pearls. They look dreamy and give a princess vibe when worn, owing to their lustrous golden appearance. They might be a bit higher in price in comparison to other varieties, but they are worth spending your money on.

South Sea Pearl Necklace can change your fashion game. Their magnificence attracts everyone’s attention and adoration. South Sea Pearl Jewelry has long been regarded as a status symbol among royalty, with the belief that this golden precious gem variety can make any woman appear graceful and elite.

Before you buy them, it is very important to know a few important aspects that can make your choice wiser and real.

Essential factors of buying a South Sea Pearl Jewelry

  • Surface: While looking at the surface, look at its smoothness. Blemishes, bumps, spots, wrinkles, and blemishes can make the surface of a pearl rough. Though they are treated to remove these imperfections, sometimes some of them remain there only. Jewelers mark them with a rating scale according to their quality, which ranges from grade A-D. A is the best quality, while D is for the lowest quality surface. By looking at grades, you can judge them well.
  • Lustre: The lustre, or shine, of a pearl is an important factor that determines its value. This can also be evaluated using the grades assigned to them, which range from A to D, with A indicating very high lustre and D indicating poor lustre.The higher the lustre, the more value it carries.
  • Color: It is a key factor in determining the value of a pearl. The color of South Sea pearls ranges from white to gold. Choose the color that appeals to you the most, but look for saturation and unformity in the color. If there is a richness in color and less differentiation in color, the gem will recive the high grade and the price accordingly.
  • Shape: We imagine pearls to be round, but the truth is pearls have multiple shapes, like round, baroque, drop, oval, circle, and ringed. Round ones surely fetch more, and just being round isn’t enough. You must check the symmetry of the pearl. A round shaped pearl can be asymmetrical too. Knowing what grade your pearl carries can resolve the confusion in your mind.


  1. What is so special about south sea pearls?

    Their unique shiny hue and large size are both rare to find. They are a much sought-after variety of pearl that carries high value in all the factors like size, shape, lustre, and cleanliness.

  2. How can you tell if it’s a south sea pearl ?

    South Sea pearls' sizes range from 8-20 MM, which is larger as compared to other pearls. This acts as a main indicator of real South Sea pearls. Also, a real pearl will be heavier in nature.

  3. Is South Sea pearl jewelry a good investment ?

    South Sea pearl jewelry might appear expensive, but it is worth every penny. The quality and incredible value of South Sea pearls make them a very good investment. If taken care of properly, they can be there with you for a lifetime and can be even passed down to future generations.

  4. Are gold South Sea pearls more valuable than white ones?

    Yes, South Sea pearls are considered to have more value than white ones due to their rarity, size, and exquisite look.

  5. How to take care of South Sea pearl jewelry ?

    Pearls are your most delicate form of jewelry that you need to be really careful about. Your pearl jewelry should go on you only at the end, after you are done with your beauty routine. As it needs to be saved from make-up products and cosmetic sprays.

    Also, after each use, clean your South Sea pearl pendant necklace and store it in the jewelry box. This will help in keeping the necklace new and safe for a long time.

  6. Which is the best color of south sea pearl ?

    White colored South Sea pearls are a classic choice, but golden colored South Sea pearls are desired because of their ability to make the wearer stand out. Any color is good, depending on your taste and use.