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About Anniversary Jewelry Gift

A wedding anniversary is a special time for partners, be it their 1st or 50th. The day is meant to be a celebration of their union. With each passing year, the bond gets more mature and deeper. An anniversary is just a reminder of how far you have come in your journey together. It is one day of year dedicated to express love and gratitude to your partner. This is the time to speak your love language, especially if you have forgotten to do that in the past days, moths or years. And for that retaking your vows with the gift of ring is a very common practice. A ring that binds you for forever also makes your bond stronger every year. Hence, gifting a ring on an anniversary is a tradition that is quite old but continues to maintain the same kind of relevancy today. 

The tradition does not only include the gifting of rings but also other kinds of jewelry like necklaces and earrings. As there is nothing more personal and valuable than spoiling your loved ones with jewelry. And for that very reason, there are dedicated gemstone or metal for each anniversary like; 1st anniversary it is gold metal, 2nd anniversary it is garnet, 10th it is diamond and so on. There is no hard and fast rule to follow when it comes to the associated gemstones, but knowing them and following them makes the gift more meaningful. 

Rosec Jewels has an extensive collection of anniversary jewelry consisting of an eternity rings, three stone rings, two stone rings, a double band ring, anniversary bands, vintage-inspired rings, and so much more. Each kind of ring is available in precious and semi-precious gemstones in solid gold metal. Go ahead, Make your choice and make your spouse feel the most important person of your life.

FAQs About Anniversary Jewelry Gifts

  1. What is the purpose of an anniversary ring?

    The purpose of anniversary ring is add the meaning of everlasting love.

  2. What finger do you wear an anniversary ring on?

    An anniversary ring is usually worn on the left hand.

  3. Are there special gifts for the milestone wedding anniversary?

    Yes, for 10th is its diamond, for 25th it is jewelry in silver and 50th, jewelry in Gold.

  4. How are eternity bands associated with wedding anniversaries?

    An eternity band is also a popular ring style for anniversaries; its never-ending circle and row of diamonds symbolize a love that is eternal. It was a tradition to give eternity rings on 60th wedding anniversary, but now they are gifted on 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, etc. anniversaries too.