About Black Onyx Bracelets

Onyx is a mineral that belongs to the family of quartz. The gemstone was once highly valued because it had several spiritual connotations for people, such as coming from the goddess Venus or acting as a protective shield in difficult and warlike times. Onyx comes in black and other varieties of colors that include white, gray, and brown.

But nothing can match the boldness of black. Hence, buying a black onyx jewelry can give a new edge to your collection. Accessorize your ensemble with a black onyx bracelet to make a better and bolder style statement. The collection comes in a variety of styles, like tennis, station chain, bangle, cuff and chain bracelets that are embellished with varied shapes of the gemstone, like; round, oval, marquise, or octagon cut. Few bracelets are accented with diamonds or moissanites for enhanced sparkle, and some others have onyx embellishments on a shining gold motif. Choose the one that brings out the best in you.

Before you start exploring the options, there are a few factors to keep in mind in regard to black onyx jewelry:

Your Black Onyx Guide

  • Color

    Solid black in color and opaque in appearance.

  • Clarity

    Free from inclusions.

  • Cut

    Easily available in standard shapes like; round, oval, princess, and cushion cut.

  • Carat

    Increase in carat won’t affect the price drastically.

FAQs about Black Onyx Bracelets

  1. Is black onyx expensive?

    Black onyx is an inexpensive gemstone. You can easily find black onyx jewelry to suit your budget. It is famous as a statement jewelry piece

  2. Is black onyx bad luck?

    Actually, it is quite the opposite. Black onyx does not bring bad luck, but it is a gemstone that was worn as a talisman in wars. It has its own mention in the Bible as well, where it is described as an element of creation. It wards off negative energy and settles your mind.

  3. Does black onyx have any value ?

    Yes, but the state of a gemstone and your jewelry will determine its value.

  4. Is black onyx treated?

    Yes, black onyx is treated in most cases. It is dyed to improve the depth of the color.