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About Emerald Bracelets

The gemstone is considered a traditional gift in the US for the celebration of the 20th, 35th, and 55th anniversary. Emerald is a precious stone having great value for the beholder, aging enhances the market value and hence is an investment. It is considered as the official birthstone for the month of May. It is one of the most thoughtful jewelry pieces and reflects royal presence when worn as emerald bracelet gold. Rosec Jewels is having a marvelous catalog representing precious detailing by expert craftsmen. The rarest ones are listed to offer you a chance to preserve your special moments, achievements, and a token of encouragement. The gemstone can be well crafted within chosen setting into bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings. To offer the beholder a reason to admire one can easily wear emerald bracelet gold. Precious jewelry can be worn by men and women, though both have a different kind of options that suits their personality and enhance their overall look. While choosing for yourself the options may seem confusing but while planning to gift it to somebody special, making the correct choice can be an easy task.

Emerald Bangle Bracelets look outstanding with any outfit you choose for your special date. A flowing skirt and a splendid piece, make your go to look perfect with one simple addition. Here we are offering you a wide range of products that are ideal for your formals and casuals.

Different types of emerald bracelets are available with Rosec Jewels.

A splendid display of our gallery will be charming to you and if you love jewelry as much as we do, this is the right place to find your eternal ornaments. The world of jewelry is adored by every female on this planet, irrespective of color, culture, nationality, age, or any other dimension. Keeping in mind the latest fashion, evergreen, and most precious legacies. Females like to be very particular about the jewelry they own and wear at different timing. The most artistic ones make to our catalog, we aim to redefine your style statement by adding a bit of grace and versatility.

  • Emerald Three tone Bracelet: We are offering you an exclusive variety of Emerald Bracelet mens. One characteristic of jewelry item is the way it passes on from one generation to another. We are delighted to be part of the legacy that passes on, creating a compatible medium of buying adequately crafted jewelry pieces. We have it all for anyone and everyone.
  • Emerald charm bracelet: Emerald bangle bracelets are having dense additions and are here for your best choice. The most beautiful ones are seen on the wrist of your loved ones. Each item listed here is created with hard work and many man hours, they are highly precious to us and to the valuable customers who are amazed by their final look. The ideal choice for every beholder is the show stopper of our catalog.. A clear display of the details is added by us to help you make the most out of the available opportunity to bring home precious and semi-precious pieces of jewelry.
  • Emerald Diamond Bracelets: are the ones for the bold choices you make and read with your ornaments and jewel pieces. Here we are with the most profound range to help you ease out your overall look. A final touch is added to your personality when a shining and dazzling bracelet is available to enhance it. Emerald and a diamond ring can be a cherry on the top if the ring is paired with a similar bracelet. Rosec Jewels is having endless products to make you happy and feel proud of your own that including jewelry items.
  • Emerald Chain Bracelets: Emerald Bracelets yellow gold means trust and faith, we offer real precious and semi-precious stones embedded in 14k gold. It is important for us to maintain the quality and offer assurance of originality. Here we are making the authenticity of our jewelry item easy by transparently sharing the exact details with the listed items.
  • Emerald Tennis Bracelets: A unique setting of small size emeralds put together in a formation of a bracelet is ideal for women. It is available with a gold and silver base, giving you a chance to share your unique choices in jewel items. Rosec jewels are here with different kinds of bracelets all listed for him and her. Emerald Tennis Bracelet is ideal for women who have beautifully aged to reflect the inner youth and the way they take up their daily life challenges. Explore the variety of bracelets that bifurcate as per the lock setting and density of the overall design.

Embrace yourself and explore the precious gallery.

Explore the 4 Cs:

  • Carat: The usual measurement of the gemstone ranges between 7.8-8mm.
  • Clarity: Round and Pear shaped emerald can be well settled in Two Prong Setting, Four Prong Setting, Six Prong Setting, Eight Prong Setting, and shared prong setting.In simple words, the quality of a jewelry piece is recognized by the way it is given shape and is placed with perfect usage of the technique. Real Emerald Bracelets are one of our best-listed items.
  • Color: Green-colored gemstone having origin from mineral family is the highly precious emerald.
  • Cut: The perfect shape that lets you express your style statement and choice can be princess stone cutting, Round and Pear Shaped, Princess and Asscher, Oval and Cushion. Further stone setting is available to create an impressive jewel piece. Such stones look marvelous when are placed in Emerald Bracelets for guys.


  1. What are the benefits of emeralds?

    The characteristics of the beholder enhance and noticeable changes are seen such as reasoning ability and self-acknowledgment. It can be considered as a myth but is a major contributor towards the good reputation of the gemstone in the jewelry industry.

  2. What metal is used to combine Emerald bracelets with?

    The 14k gold items look aesthetic with Emerald gemstone embedded in the same. The most suitable way to enhance the round shape is to choose the correct setting for the stone. We are offering more than thirty stone settings to create magnificent jewelry pieces for you. The Emerald Bracelets for sale by Rosec Jewels are an ideal choice for everyone including men and women.

  3. How to clean Emerald?

    Using soap water or a soft wet cloth, emerald can be easily cleaned.

  4. Where is Emerald found?

    Originated in Egypt, emerald is now recognized all over the world as the most precious one. Columbia is the country that is leading in the supply of gemstones on the global stage. Well, the symbol of love is loved by women and looks the best as emerald diamond bracelets.

  5. How much is the Emerald bracelet worth?

    Rosec Jewels has the highest quality emerald perfectly fitted into bracelets, bangles, rings, and earrings. The category price for bracelets begins with 500USD and goes beyond 5000USD.