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About Gifts under £1000

Have you set the budget on £1000? We bet when it comes to jewelry, the options you are facilitated with are just too many to not take attention of. Be it for an occasion as heart warming as an engagement, valentine’s day or just a casual day of you expressing your love, we have a large pool of options in gifts under £1000. Let’s give you a glance:

  • Rings: The gift options for rings under £1000 are immense. You name the occasion, we got you covered. Sit back while we give you a tour of some of the rings under £1000.
  1. Solitaire Ring: A solitaire ring, whether worn solo or enhanced with a halo, makes for a classic gift option. The center stone of this ring accounts for 85 percent of the price.
  2. Engagement Ring: Engagement rings under £1000 vary from the classic solitaire engagement ring to more elaborate and statement making rings right from vintage to rings with double halo.
  3. Wedding Ring: Tying the knot? We know how deciding on a wedding ring gets a little tricky when you’re on a budget but here we are to assist by bringing forward a number of options to choose from, all under £1000.
  4. Ring Set: Yes, a set under £1000. Fashioned with the most beautiful stones of your choice, a ring set under £1000 is sure a deal breaker.
  • Earrings:  Earrings are a gift we could gift to any woman, be it a friend, lover, sister or mother. Everybody loves them, nobody can ever get enough of them. Let’s give you a glance at some of the earrings under £1000 you could gift:
  1. Stud Earrings: Making for a minimalist style statement, stud earrings under £1000 are something we could gift at all occasions with heart shape stud earrings gifted on occasions as special as Valentine’s day, birthday, etc.
  2. Floral Earrings: Since our craze for florals is here to stay, we bet nothing comes close to the elegance of floral earrings when presented as a gift.
  3. Hoop Drop Earrings: A pair of hoop drop earrings has irresistible fashion appeal, making for a timeless gift under £1000.
  • Pendants: Necklaces are a love language, indeed. And one that women sure can’t resist. Let’s give you a glance:
  1. Station Chain Necklace: A necklace that when stationed with gemstones/diamonds, exudes an unparalleled class upon being worn. It makes for a gorgeous gift under £1000.
  2. Heart Pendant: Made for the love of your life! A heart pendant expresses your love when words can’t, without hurting your pockets.
  • Bracelets: Be it something classic right from Tennis, Bolo bracelets to something more elaborate and meaningful including infinity bolo and evil eye bracelets, you have a wide variety to choose from for bracelets under £1000.