About Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The eleventh Zodiac sign is associated with people born in the month of February. It is ruled by the planet Uranus and has an air element connected to it. The birthstone for February-born Aquarius is a very vivacious amethyst.

As air flows without any barriers, our Aquarius babies like to move through life with independence. They believe in live and let live, or, to put it in clearer terms, freedom and fairness are their life mantras. They are kind, progressive, intellectual, and good conversationalists. With their intelligent minds, they have the power to change the world around them.

The coldness of people born under this star sign can be a negative trait. Not being very expressive emotionally and having the habit of over-assessing everything brings out the unsympathetic side of these people. If they learn to overcome detached behavior and stubbornness, they can be the warmest people around.

About Aquarius Birthstone: Amethyst

Amethyst is the most wonderful gem and crystal that you will come across. Vibrant purple in color, serene in appearance, amethyst is supremely calming gemstone. This February birthstone with its high spiritual element ensures healing on every level; physical, mental and emotional. It aids Aquarius people to activate their spiritual side so that they can experience more friendliness, calmness and let go of things that aren’t perfect. As it works on crown chakra, the consistent usage of this stone can make you experience pure bliss and tranquility.

In the world of Aquarians, they believe no one understands them. The meditative state experienced with amethyst can bring out the right skills in them in regard to dealing with life and people. Also, it will make you more patient and sympathetic towards others.

FAQs about Aquarius Jewelry

  1. What kind of jewelry does an Aquarius sign like to wear?

    Aquarius beings like to wear minimal and light weight jewelry. It expresses their rebellious and independent personalities well.

  2. What are other gemstones that an Aquarius can wear?

    Garnet and rose quartz are the other stones that an Aquarius can choose to wear.

  3. What does a good-quality amethyst look like?

    A good quality amethyst comes in a vivid dark purple shade without any color zoning, without visible inclusions, and with a fine symmetrical cut

  4. Is amethyst appropriate for everyday use?

    Yes, amethyst is very strong enough for everyday use. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Make sure to get it in a secure setting and wear it with care.