About Virgo Birthstone

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign in the list. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and is associated with the earth element. The maiden symbol of the Virgo sign perfectly depicts the personality of a Virgo. They are the kindest and sweetest souls who only wish well for others. They, like the earth, have a sensibility to understand and fulfill their responsibilities. One can easily rely on Virgo women and men as they always fulfill their promises. Virgos believe in perfectionism, have high intellect and a gentle heart.

With high intellect comes the habit of overthinking. This habit brings out their worrisome nature. And their year of perfection makes them overly judgmental and critical of themselves and of the people around them. They make themselves available to others and help in their healing and upliftment, but often forget to appreciate themselves.

Virgos need to be more kind and gentle towards themselves. A suitable birthstone can provide them with the necessary healing, allowing their bright side to outweigh their dark side. A Virgo woman will be a happier soul if she chooses to convert her discontent with imperfections into acceptance.

Virgo Birthstone: Sapphire

Sapphire is the official birthstone of people who are born in September or who have a Virgo sun sign. Here sapphire mainly refers to blue sapphire, but this gemstone comes in a rainbow of colors like green, pink, orange, and yellow. Each one, with its bright hue, brings its own goodness.

Speaking about the main stone, blue sapphire is a precious gemstone. It helps in clearing the blocks in communication and making creativity flow effortlessly. It broadens the perspective and assists in looking at the bigger picture rather than getting bogged down by little imperfections. Sapphire is Virgo’s ideal gem, giving them the eyes of wisdom and high intellect.

Other Sapphires that are also September Birthstones

  1. Pink Sapphire
  2. Orange Sapphire
  3. Yellow Sapphire
  4. Green Sapphire
  5. Purple Sapphire
  6. Black Sapphire
  7. Brown Sapphire
  8. Padparadscha Sapphire
  9. Color Changing Sapphires

FAQs about Sapphire Jewelry

  1. What is so special about sapphires?

    Sapphire is a precious gemstone. It is ranks as the second highest in hardness as it scores 9 on Mohs scale. Their brilliance and shine are also unmatchable and rare to find.

  2. What does sapphire symbolize?

    Sapphire looks absolutely exquisite and it represents royalty, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment.

  3. Where should I look before buying sapphire?

    Before buying sapphire, look at its grade report; it should be eye-clean, finely cut, and vibrant in color.

  4. What are other gemstones that Virgo can wear?

    Zircon and Tourmaline are other gemstones that Virgo can choose to wear.